about Us

Let me introduce myself, though maybe you’ve heard of me already: I like to call myself Chuckwagon Sally, born as a Houston city-mouse but a country girl at heart. My dad was a true Texas cowboy, and some of my fondest childhood memories are of cooking up big family dinners by his side out at our ranch. It’s because of him that I developed a love of cooking—and a palate for a mean spicy kick.

Next, meet my partner: Big Jim. He’s been barbecuing for more than 40 years, both competitively and for fun. He’s been on the winning table a time (or two, or three), and his catering is loved by all who try. Needless to say, when he first made a meal for me, we got to talking. I told him that I had some experience with mixing spices so when he left that night I immediately got to work and mixed up some spices. He tasted them the following morning when he arrived and he suggested that I add this and that and I did. One thing led to another, and we decided that if we combined our know-how, we could make the best damn barbecue rub in Texas. And anyone who’s had real Lone Star barbecue knows that if it’s the best in Texas, it’s the best everywhere else too.

So here’s Rubbin’ Right, a rub so good you may just find yourself eating it right off the spoon. Enjoy!